Navitec Systems Ltd., established in 1998, is an expert company in navigation. We are specialized in mobile machinery positioning and guidance. We master different positioning methods and programming. Sensors used for localisation and mobile working machinery are familiar to us. We sell development work and ready-made solutions to different kinds of positioning and machine control needs. In addition we implement and provide laser scanner based measurement solutions.

Navigation and scanner measurement specialist

What we offer

Navitec Systems is specialized in mobile machinery positioning, guidance and control. Sensors used for localisation and mobile working machinery are familiar to us.

We offer navigation software called Navitrol which enables unmanned operation of different kinds of mobile working machines in various environments.

Navithor is a fleet control software for operating work machines. It schedules and generates optimal routes for each machine from current location to a goal taking into account any other traffic at the route. Collision avoidance inside Navithor is based on both routing and real-time monitoring of the safety areas around machines.

• Increased productivity
• Easy and fast setup and configuration
• Optimised routing and scheduling
• Increased safety

What we are looking for

Navitec Systems is looking for industrial manufactures of mobile working machines who are interested in automatisation of their products. We are also interested in finding customers in general who would need our expetise in demanding scanner based measurement applications.


  • Measurement Tools
    • Optical Technology
    • Sensor Technology
    • information and communication technologies
  • Electronic measurement systems

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation


general manager

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