Design & Manufacture of metal expansion joints and bellows

Company Spiroflex is producer of metal bellows and expansion joints, located in Croatia.

Metal bellows and expansion joints

What we offer

Company Spiroflex is offering design and manufacture of metal expansion joints and metal bellows for special applications.

We offer:
- bellows for valves
- bellows (membranes) for oil compensation, e.g. instrument transformer
- standard range of expansion joints
- bellows for vacuum

Our products have application as follows:
- pipeline for central heating
- pipeline for hot water and steam
- petrochemical and refinery technology
- electrical engineering (volumetric displacement)
- heat exchangers
- ship building and exhaust systems
- vacuum technology
- as sealings in valves

What we are looking for

We are looking for customers from:
- general energetics sector where expansion joints can be applied
- valve industry - valve (safety valve) producers
- vacuum equipment industry
- ship building (for exhaust systems)


Technical Manager

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