We manufact the paper feed mechanism which collates newspaper inserts.

We, a Japanese paper collator manufacturing company is seeking distribution partner in the EU countries.

We have 4 different machines specialised in paper handling originally developed for newspapers:
- paper collator machine
- oscillating paper sorting device
- lifter.
- wrapping machine with plastic bag

For the EU market, we are seeking partnership for distributing and technical supporting company for paper collator and oscillating paper sorting device.

You can see the paper collating demonstration in our booth. Please join us, Hall 5 Stand C14.

Genesis SING is the labor-saving machinery which combines different varieties of papers to one sheaf. In Japan.

What we offer

Our collator machine can increase efficiency in assembling papers such as advertisements, leaflets, coupons, flyers and other commercial printed matters.

Our machines are developed originally for newspaper industry. However, they think there must be many unrecognised demands for efficient paper collating solution for paper materials to for advertisement, events, seminars, marketing promotion purpose.

Collating papers are resource consuming: for human resources, time, and place, but not so many effective solutions exist. We expect the EU potential partner to exploit the market for us by finding new applications and prospects.

What we are looking for

We expect the potential partner as follows:
Has a strong network in printing, event organizing, and publishing industries in the EU.

Can exploit the market for their collator machine.
Experiences in selling and repairing industrial machines.
(Simple maintenance work is necessary: on-site support, removing the dust/papers clots, changing parts, etc.)
No need to have the machines in stock, but need to have the repair parts in stock.

Established company dealing machines for printing, publishing, tradeshow organizing companies, etc.

The organisation must have the financial capability and facilities available to stock small repair parts and (if possible) own test machine for their own. A technician capable of installing and troubleshooting would be seen as very beneficial.

The agent must be willing to invest time and money promoting the brand in order to develop a long-term market presence..

Helping in researching the market and approaching potential clients.


Deputy general manager

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