Metrology equipment manufacturing

NanoOptoMetrics is a European high-tech start-up company that develops a new generation high performance metrology instruments based on a unique technology of white light optical interferometry.
The current product portfolio includes a laboratory prototype of non-contact profilometer to measure the roughness and optical form of various surfaces. NanoOptoMetrics profilometer incorporates an extensive set of features that makes it unique among other similar products.
The profilometer:
• is vibration insensitive
• allows to make measurements at distances up to one meter from the measured pattern
• allows to measure surfaces with feature depth up to 100mm
• performs 100 mm x 100 mm surface measurements
• has a precision of 1nm

Non-contact optical profilometer

What we offer

Nanooptometrics profilometer is a metrology device used to test and improve quality of manufacturing proces stages in semiconductors, precision mechanics, optics, biotech or other similar industries.
NOM technology readiness level (TRL) represents a working laboratory prototype of the profilometer, ready for performance demonstration.
NanoOptoMetrics profilometer offers the following unique capabilities
• Ability to measure at a sample distance up to 1 meter. This allows flexibility in packaging the system and implementing in-situ to the process flow or equipment.
• Inherent insensitivity to vibration. Expected to enable implementation without large mass base or air table requirement.
• 100 mm field of view w/no stitching
• 100 mm feature height range
• Selectivity along line of sight

What we are looking for

We are planning to expand the market and potential applications for our profilometer technology. That's why we are looking for industry expertise and potential partnership with manufacturers from semiconductors, precision mechanics, optics, biotech or other similar industries. We have already identified potentially successful application for our profilometer in data storage industry, because in hard disk drive manufacturing processes there are hundreds of metrology steps demanding high-end metrology equipment.


  • Electronic measurement systems

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Licence Agreement



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