Development and production of Hovercrafts

Development of hovercrafts and catamarans for rescue and supply in inaccessible areas (flooding, ice rescue etc.)

innovative hovercrafts for multifaceted applications

What we offer

We plan on manufacturing air cushion crafts for multifaceted applications. We will be the first company in Germany going into serial production! Due to the specific mode of operation (based on the well-known hovercraft-principle) the vehicles are virtually unsinkable thus a multitude of operation areas are feasible.

Partners are sought for production,adaptation to specific needs and trade services. Moreover,investors are sought for up-scaling this prosperous niche technology.

What we are looking for

I am looking for a suitable partner that is interested in further developing our innovative hovercrafts. The respective company should be open for discussion of new ideas, further development and experimental realization of the project. The common objective is to jointly reach the stage of serial production and marketing of our hovercrafts.
We possess two vehicles of different design but both of them function in line with the rubber raft principle.
One of the hovercrafts has been involved in rescue operations for more than 10 years. Resulting experiences shall be incorporated in the new vehicles.

I intend to primarily optimize the drive and steering system of our hovercrafts. Operation at moderate speed, during wind and at inclined plains has to be improved.
The new hovercraft should be capable of moving backward as well.


  • Measurement Tools
    • Mechanical Technology
  • Reference Materials

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Licence Agreement



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