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PHd design is a creative agency in the heart of England. We offer in depth knowledge and creative solutions to clients who wish to stand out from their competition.

This can be shown in new brands being created, new or updated packs on shelves throughout a wide range of retail establishments. Marketing communications ranging from interesting e-mail campaigns which get results through to annual reports, brochures and off the wall direct mail campaigns.

Creativity is the key to our success. We spend the time to understand the client's objectives and reasons and then set about creating a solution which answers these needs.

With 22 years of experience behind us, a team of talented individuals and a passion to give clients real world solutions to real world challenges sets PHd design out as a creative powerhouse for clients large and small.

Innovative marketing communications

What we offer

PHd can offer british design skills and creativity for companies wishing to appeal to the UK markets. 22 years of experience dealing with clients in industries including: Education, pharmaceutical, engineering, hydraulics, surface technology, adhesion, education, medical, health & beauty, brewing & food production.
This wide base of experience and knowledge enables us to offer a broad skill set and understanding of the needs and messages which would appeal to certain industries and markets.

Understanding this coupled with proven creative skills means we can combine these into a very efficient package without the need for large agency overheads... giving clients the best of both worlds

What we are looking for

like minded companies who want to push the boundaries of how they communicate to an audience. Setting yourself apart from your competition in a positive and unusual way.

Collaboration with companies who care about design and want to ensure the quality is maintained through every aspect of their range.


  • Measurement Tools
    • Acoustic Technology
    • Analyses/Test Facilities and Methods
    • Chemical material testing
    • Electrical Technology
    • Mechanical Technology
    • Optical material testing
    • Optical Technology
    • Non Destructive Testing
    • Sensor Technology
    • Thermal material testing
    • information and communication technologies
  • Reference Materials
  • Ideas, proposals, partnerships for projects within research and intelligent energy programmes

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation


Managing Director

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