Applied research for Wood&Furniture manufacturing companies

AIDIMA is a Technological Institute located in Valencia (Spain) and founded in 1984. It has been performing very efficient research, high quality technological development and providing innovation services and applied research to its associated member and customers, as well as coordinating and participating in national and European projects. Its main aim is to contribute to enhance competitiveness of the furniture, wood, packaging and related industries, focusing on quality, training, information, health & safety, market analysis, environmental issues, as well as on promoting innovation for a better business management in the fields of design and production, marketing and export boosting, as well as the knowledge transfer to furniture-related companies. It has also a deep knowledge of the necessities coming from the wood, furniture and packaging industries in aspects such as new materials, paints and varnishes, adhesives, nanotechnologies, logistics, production processes and ICT.


What we offer

As partner in the IMAGINE Project, which studies the innovative end-to-end approach of creating and managing Dynamic Manufacturing Networks (DMNs), AIDIMA (Research Institute for Wood, Furniture, Packaging and related) focuses on their use within manufacturing companies in the whole furniture value chain. The Furniture Living Lab demosntrate and pilot end-to-end management of a DMN which is created ad-hoc on the basis of a spontaneous business opportunity. These are the possibilities in the Furniture LL:
• to facilitate the process of searching for new suppliers, adding a simulation process taking into account different scenarios, in order to select the best possible partners, while automating data exchange
• to connect to any ERP system, through the development of specific Adapters, in order to provide Order Tracking and Monitoring in real time
• to allow a manufacturer to react to production issues (any problem) faster and more effectively

What we are looking for

We are looking for partners which are interested in creating and managing Dynamic Manufacturing Networks in a working industry 4.0 solution for new business opportunities in the furniture value chain. This could be:
- Large companies with a dynamic production network,
- Large companies and SMEs that want to reach new markets,
- SMEs that need to have possibilities for finding new partners,
- SMEs that are part of a manufacturing network and want to enhance their service.
AIDIMA offers consulting services, research opportunities and implementation assistance within the topic areas of production. logistics and value networks.


  • Standards
    • Technical Standards
  • Industry 4.0
    • Factories of the Future
    • ICT for Manufacturing Industry
  • Enterprise Europe Network Horizon 2020 Elevator Pitch
    • production and innovation

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation


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