Electronics manufacturing

„Eventech” is a European high-tech spin-off company from Institute of Electronics and Computer Sciences of Latvia that manufactures high-end electronic measurement instruments based on unique Digital Signal Processing (DSP) method.
These instruments are called Event Timer A033-ET and they have been sucessfully used by “International Laser Ranging Service” (ILRS) community .
We are looking for industry expertise and potential co-development partnership to expact the application scope of our event timing technology.

Picosecond event timer A033-ET

What we offer

Eventech Ltd is offering a third generation measurement device - Event Timer A033-ET that measures the time of an event and intervals between events with 2-3 picosecond precision and up to 20 MHz measurement rate, and has been successfully satisfying the needs of the “International Laser Ranging Service” (ILRS) community for high-performance and affordable price timing instruments. Currently Riga Event Timers successfully operates in more than 50% SLR stations worldwide. They are currently the best option in terms of price vs performance characteristics.

What we are looking for

The main business activity for Eventech is to find new applications for the event timing technology. LIDAR, 3D laser scanning, Gravimetry, Fluorescence lifetime measurements (or TCSPC) or Free-Space Optical Communication has been identified as most potential ones so far, but there are still many more. We are looking for industry expertise and potential partners with new ideas who could help us to co-develop our technology for the new applications.


  • Electronic measurement systems

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Licence Agreement


Managing Director

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