Enclosure technologies

STB-GH-TEC UG is located in Northern Germany. We have a patent for a high efficient method for a low cost solution to protect everything (every material) for electromagnetic waves.

Our customers are coming from the military, health business, telecommunication technologies as also the computer industry.

Everywhere where you try to protect your product or everywhere where you do not want that something bothers it, your product needs our special safety covers.

Extremely efficient shielding technology (all frequencies) against electromagnetic compliance via zinc coating

What we offer

Our shielding technology sets new standards concerning the electromagnetic compliance (EMC) as well as EMC-emission measurements. Potential functional disturbances of electronic devises, via electro-magnetic fields, currents or voltages are excluded by the special shielding attenuation based on a zinc coating.

We developed a completely new and unique technology in the sector of shielding. The patented process, which has been attested by independent research institutes, ensures a cost-effective and highly efficient electro-magnetic shielding for nearly any area of application which needs to adhere to EMC-norms.

Using the electric arc spray process, the product succeeded in being able to apply a zinc-layer so precisely and evenly to pretreated plastic or other materials, that hardly any electro-magnetic radiation can penetrate the material in question. Following the coating the supporting materials behave as if made of metal, optimum characteristics concerning the EMC. Tests concerning the special shielding confirm that the achieved average minimal attenuation is around 90% of field weakening, the best average attenuation even at 99.9999999 %.

What we are looking for

We are looking mainly for industial partners interested in:
- using the technology to coat their products (license agreements, technical cooperation, service agreements possible);
- becoming a market agency / representative / distributor in their home countries.


  • Measurement Tools
    • Electrical Technology
  • Electronic measurement systems
  • Reference Materials

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Licence Agreement



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