Project Management & Consulting

The man behind JL International is Jochen Langenberger, Graduate engineer (FH) Process Technology. With many years of experience in mechanical and plant engineering as well as adjoining technical industry (SME), JL provides personal commitment in three business segments:

Project Management - Consulting - International Business Development


> International Business Development
> Project Management
> Process Management
> Consulting (sector oriented)
> Coaching
> Training
> Patent Implementation

The facilitator and project manager JL builds in a central position with research and direct speeches to the connections to development partners and customers. Since April 2012, co-operation partner for the realization of the security system Krakelee of Human Bios GmbH. The Krakelee as a security feature opens up a whole new solution for security systems. The security feature cannot be forged.

Jochen Langenberger - Connector - Consulting - Project Management

What we offer

The Krakelee , a completely new solution for security systems. The security feature cannot be forged. Plagiarism have no chance! About the identification of persons , the Krakelee offers many other fields of application in the fight against plagiarism. Directly to the products of automobile parts , industrial components , machinery, clothing , fashion accessories and design objects to the amount of packaging marking and seal for pharmaceutical products, food and beverages. Securing the supply chain against smuggling of counterfeit products as well as a generally more effective prevention of smuggling is the focus. The combination with existing track & trace systems, it brings the highest level of security.

What we are looking for

After successful confirmation of the Krakelee system in a first test version the Krakelee is developed as a sticker from the roll with a German paint manufacturer. In addition to the Krakelee and company logo / name , product and Bar-/QR-/Datamatrix-Code can be placed on the label in addition to customer.
In the second half of 2014 the concept of Krakelee system is tested in industrial applications with thousands of stickers and the use of industrial scanners in a practical field test and development will be refined on the first application. For this purpose, a customer-side industry partner is being sought , which is the first benefit of the Krakelee system to protect its own products from piracy.


  • Electronic measurement systems
  • Recording Devices
  • Enterprise Europe Network Horizon 2020 Elevator Pitch
    • production and innovation

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Manufacturing Agreement



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