advICo is a full service internationally operating microlectronics company. We build effective customized solutions and provide excellent services as an ASIC Design House and IP & SIP-Provider.

Application domains include
- Fiber-optic communication (2Mb/s to >40 Gb/s)
- Wireless communication (400 MHz to 6 GHz)
- RADAR (24GHz)
- Optical sensors and sensor arrays
- Radiation hard circuits for space applications

We are also a specialized company for design kit programming, EDA tool support, consulting and a wide range of complementary services.

Miniaturized low-cost angle sensor with low alignment requirements

What we offer

POLDI is a new sensor technology for angle measurements, nominated for 2013 AMA Innovation award and one of the ElektronikNet "Products of the year 2014". The contact-free optical sensor measures absolute rotation angle. High resolution is possible at extremely small size. Measurements can be done with large working distance. Configurations are transmissive and reflective, either on-axis or off-axis. The sensor is insensitive to alignment errors, making it an ideal choice for sub-miniaturized and low-cost applications. It can be integrated with other electronics.

Innovations and advantages of the offer:
- significant reduction of size and weight in angle measurement - saves power - large working distance - flexible use - on and off axis - fork light barrier style and reflective style - resolution remains high at extremely small size - insensitive to alignment errors and vibration - CMOS compatible, can be integrated with custom functions to complex systems. This makes it an enabling technology for new products.

Current Stage of Development:
Working prototypes/demonstrators exist
Patents granted in DE, US, JP, CN; more pending

What we are looking for

- Key customer are sought to define target spec and support the next steps financially
- License agreement
- Investment
- R&D partnership for commercial product developments
- Discuss applications and related feature wish lists for possible product variants

Type of partner sought:
Predominantly industrial, e.g., from the following areas:
- industrial sensors
- robotics
- medical instruments and prosthesis
- miniature models, electronic toys
- surveillance systems
- aviation and space (e.g. gyro angle sensing)

Tasks to be performed:
- define target specification, support further development,
- support production and commercialization

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Licence Agreement


managing director

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