custom manufacturing

custom-made components and product assemblies for international corporations, including automotive industry, and custom-made construction hardware, see:

Our standard lies in complex offer of technologies and top quality service.

What we offer

We focus in building fittings, components for automotive industry and components for other industry areas.Tools Design and poduction: Laser welding,pulse welding,high-speed 5 axis CNC milling machines,3 axis CNC milling machines// Iron Foundry Al - modernised mechanical equipment with injection moulding machines from 1600 kN to 7500 kN ,// Iron Foundry Zn - mechanical equipment with injection moulding machine FRECH, from 50 kN to 2500 kN,injection moulding machines DAW 1250 kN and 2500 kN//Shaping Machines with Mechanic Feeding - two-point crank press KAISER 1600 kN ,two-point crank press KAISER 6300 kN,two-line press BRÜCK with feeder KOHLER 6300 kN,line Helmerding MDH 400/3000 4000 kN //Electrotype Department :mass zinc-plating of Fe parts, chromating of zinc layer, blue passivation of zinc Powder Paint Shop: surface pre-treatment by degreasing and phosphate coating.

What we are looking for

Customers that need complete service from designing the components, through tool production up to timely deliveries of mass-produced components.


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