Market-, Media and Innovation Research

Founded in the millennium year House of Research traditionally serves electronic and digital media and related industries with market and recipient research. Due to the rapid technological developments media convergence, innovation research and impact monitoring of cluster policies became major subjects at House of Research. The personnel as the most valuable but tangible asset cover the knowledge areas social and communication science, linguistic, management and engineering. In Berlin-Brandenburg, a European Special Economic Zone, House of Research annually carries out the economic index of the InformationCommunicationTechnology, Media and Creative Cluster.

Market-, Media- and Innovation Research

What we offer

House of Research offers customised B2C- & B2B-surveys.

Prequalification studies of product innovations, innovation processes itself, media reception analysis, monitoring & evaluation as well as traditional market research belong to our portfolio. For representative computer assisted telephone interviews we have a studio in house. Our working languages are English, German and Engineering .

What we are looking for

We are looking for agile customers with awareness of the process of moving from product driven to market driven to knowledge driven . For these customers we are the knowledge service provider. Too, we offer cross innovation and seek cooperation with a system integrator for Android/Arduino/Raspberry Pi based application with e-health sensors for empirical studies.

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement


Business Development Manager

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