Etching technology

Ätztec produces etched parts from all common types of metal in various thicknesses for almost every application and every industry.

In order to realize new products the company merely requires drafts, drawings and records. They produce etched parts in accordance with the customer’s expectations. A well organised stock enables a rapid manufacturing process.

A highly motivated Team offers individual advisory service as well as maximum flexibility.

Surfaces and the precision with regard to dimensions of the products will be controlled with the help of well acknowledged testing systems. Atztec commits itself to high presicion as well as high speed and offers suitable solutions for innovation-oriented SMEs.

Innovative Etching Technology

What we offer

Aetztec is specialized in an etching technology that merely requires a draft, a technical drawing or data in order to generate individual products applicable in various sectors such as mechanical and electrical engineering, microelectronics, healthcare and optical industries.

The possible transfer of applications of this market segment offers a huge potential for new applications.

Products for the following sectors can be manufactured:

- electrical engineering: refined grids, shielding gaskets etc.
- medical technologies: dental plates with delicate refinement, injection needles, medical saw blades etc.
- automotive sector: lead frames, motor plate engravings etc.
-optical industry: spectacle frames, mask washes, vapor deposition masks, lettering stencils, light pulse etc.
- ICT: parts for different mobile phone housing for shielding and LAN connectors
- individualized items such as number plates, business cards or personalized jewelry

What we are looking for

Aetztec is looking for business partners, a distributor and/or sales representative in order to export its products. It is also interested in finding a partner for a mutual distribution/sales partnership as well as joint product development.


  • Measurement Tools
    • Mechanical Technology

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Licence Agreement



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