Industrial and Product Design

We are an experienced and awarded industrial design office from Hannover specialized in industrial design, corporate industrial design, packaging design, user interface design, food design and 3d illustration.
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Services on Industrial and Product Design Offered

What we offer

We offer the full range of services from a single source: research & analysis; concept & design; visualization, animation; mock-up, prototype, sample; implementation support; project management.

(1) Industrial Design: Today many products do not differ technically or in price considerably from each other, quality of design is increasingly becoming a decisive sales argument. Good design contributes not only to brand building and recognition, but often lowers production costs and increases the functionality of the product. This applies equally to consumer and investment goods.

(2) Packaging Design: Packaging design is one factor of success. The number of products that are new to the market continues to grow. To survive in the market you have to provoke emotions, communicate your uniqueness and build up confidence in the brand and product. The bandwidth of packing design ranges from graphic design, such as the design of the carton up to 3d packaging design. Together with experienced graphic designers, the company is able to offer all the facets of Packaging Design: Label, folding carton or pillow bags, flacons, bottles etc. from concept, design, visualization to final artwork and mock-ups.

(3) 3d-Illustrations: 3d-illustrations are part of the design process to represent ideas, features, colors, surfaces and use situations for both the internal and external communication. Often product photos are needed for catalogs or packages before the products are finished, this is another typical application for 3d-illustrations. Regardless of the design process, the company offers high quality 3d-illustrations and animations for a variety of applications: Presentations, trade shows, market research, catalogs, packaging.

The project content is individually tailored to customer's needs and recorded in the project plan. To guarantee a perfect result, we are able to request a wide variety of experts to supplement the project team.

What we are looking for

We are looking mainly for industrial partners who:
- want to introduce new products,
- need support in brand building,
- want to improve the packaging
- or industrial design of their products (tools, devices, machines etc.)

We are offering ourselves as a partner for subcontracting, advisory services as well as technical cooperation and joint R&D projects.

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation


3D Printer Manufacturers Sought

What we offer

I want to extend my offers beyond the design service, for this reason I am currently planning to establish the OpenDesignLab.

The OpenDesignLab will offer workshops, seminars and lectures concerning design and 3d printing to students and interested layman.

Therefor I am looking for cooperation with a 3d printer producer.

The OpenDesignLab will be a perfect platform to inform about the 3d Printers and sell them.

I am well connected to the students and other potential customers.

What we are looking for

Providers / manufacturers of 3D printers for distribution agreements.


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