Development and production of hydraulic components

Company Profile:
AK-Regeltechnik is a German SME active in the development and production of hydraulic components. Simple and safe handling together with utmost reliability enabled AK hydraulic components to become a quality connotation amongst our customers. To ensure this our continuous developments and customer-specific demands are taken into account for the product-run. Hence research and development are considered of high significance to us. All developments are subject to a strict quality management. Due to our Integrated Business Solution (IBS)-Softwaresystem for specific development and manufacturing processes there will be no unanswered customer wishes.

Valves for the control of hydraulic accumulators and pre-controlled hydraulic valves which enable the use of smaller pumps with less energy consumption

What we offer

AK-Regeltechnik offers a broad range of oil hydraulic components for stationary or mobile applications (agricultural and construction machinery) and power plants.
Highlights of the company’s product range are valves for controlling hydraulic accumulators and precontroled hydraulic valves with continuously adjustable switching difference. The hydraulic valves enable, in combination with an accumulator, the size-reduction of pumps and motors of hydraulic equipment with variable flow rate. Cost and energy consumption are hereby reduced, as well as the heat production.

What we are looking for

AK-Regeltechnik is searching manufacturers of machines who are interested in the integration of the offered oil hydraulic components into their products.
The main interest is to develop partnerships with customers to bring the company in a better position to their business competition. The products guarantee high performance by best quality.

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Manufacturing Agreement


CEO / Geschäftsführer

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