Steel Structures, Polyurethane manufacture and recycling

Nicolaides & Kountouris Metal Co Ltd, since its establishment 1977, serves the construction industry by providing standard and custom-designed steel structures, production of cold roll formed profiles (trapezoidal metal sheets, metal tiles, etc.), polyurethane insulated panels and boards and thermal insulating mortar. Additionally, we are responsible for the management and recycling of polyurethane waste in Cyprus, as well as with the equipment manufacture for processing polyurethane waste

Steel Structures, Manufacture of polyurethane insulating panels, boards and thermal insulating mortar, Recycling and equipment manufacture for processing polyurethane waste

What we offer

N & K Metal Co Ltd offers you the benefits of decades of experience in the field of design, fabrication erection of steel structures as well as cold roll formed products such as trapezoidal metal sheets and metal tiles for roof cladding. Also, we are leading manufacturer of polyurethane sandwich panels and boards offering various solutions of wall, roof cladding and thermoprosopsis. We are registered polyurethane recycling company and producers of recyclable polyurethane thermal insulating mortar which has various uses, from roof insulation to floor coverings. Additionally we offer machinery and product know-how for processing polyurethane waste

What we are looking for

as a forward thinking company with environmental awareness we are interested in the renewable energy sector as well as with the upgrade of our continuous polyurethane line. For the renewable energy we are more interested for a plant operated by wood feed-stock, gasification process and 250 - 300 KVA generators.


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