precision and vacuum technology

PREVAC was founded in Rogów (Upper Silesia, Poland) in 1996.

Since its foundation PREVAC has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of research equipment for analysis of high and ultra high vacuum applications.

The company is focused on setting the standards in precision UHV technology and PREVAC`s logo is recognizable throughout the world as a mark of quality in this field.

PREVAC`s greatest assets are many years of experience in vacuum technology and a highly skilled, dynamic and ambitious workforce comprising the best specialists, who are characterised by openness to innovation, initiative and creativity.

With many years market presence, PREVAC can be proud of some impressive achievements. Products, designed, manufactured and tested in Poland, are currently working all over the world helping leading researchers to achieve their goals.

Precision and Vacuum Technology

What we offer

We specialise in delivering custom deposition and analysis systems to clients who find that standard, off the shelf “solutions” simply do not meet the expectations demanded by the very latest cutting edge experimental investigations. Our products, including ion, electron, x-ray, UV and thermal sources, chambers, sample conditioning, transfer and manipulation are fabricated entirely in-house and are installed globally and used by many of the world’s leading researchers.

What we are looking for

cooperators & clients


  • Measurement Tools
    • Analyses/Test Facilities and Methods
    • Chemical material testing
    • Electrical Technology
    • Mechanical Technology
    • Thermal material testing
  • Electronic measurement systems
  • Enterprise Europe Network Horizon 2020 Elevator Pitch
    • advanced materials

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation


R&D Director

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