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Latvian Technology Centre (LTC) was established in 1993 as the first business incubator in Latvia and was the first innovation support structure in Latvia. Until the year of 2005 LTC has successfully incubated more than 100 technology-oriented companies. Many of them have received export and innovation rewards and are internationally recognizable. As for the intermediary in the innovation system our goal is to promote growth and international collaboration of technology-based small and medium sized enterprises by taking advantage of our more than 20 year experience in business incubation, technology transfer, commercialization of knowledge, creating of international business contacts, development of training programmes, evaluation of innovation systems and elaborating different level of innovation strategies.

Latvian Technology Centre is a partner organization from Latvia in the Enterprise Europe Network and has been involved in technology transfer services since the early IRC Network times. LTC collaborates with the leading sectoral associations in Latvia and is also a member of several international organizations: International Association of Science parks and Areas of innovation, Baltic Association of Science Parks and Innovation Centers, besides that experts from LTC have been nominated as representatives from Latvia in different working groups at European Commission.
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Project manager, Member of Board

Business and research cooperation, company development

What we offer

Latvian Technological Center (LTC) is an innovation and technology-oriented business support structure - business acceleration centre, which stimulates establishment and growth of knowledge-based SMEs by creating relationships between research and industry as well as encouraging SMEs for trans-national cooperation.
During our operation years we have gained wide experience in company development, innovation management, research and business linking.

What we are looking for

We are interested to find cooperation partners for joint participation in Interreg, Horizon 2020, Cosme and other projects. Our main interest is towards projects related for SME development in all industrial and research sectors.
We are also looking for strategic partner for future cooperation in business development for SMEs.


  • Ideas, proposals, partnerships for projects within research and intelligent energy programmes
  • Industry 4.0
    • SMART Manufacturing
    • Factories of the Future
    • ICT for Manufacturing Industry
  • Enterprise Europe Network Horizon 2020 Elevator Pitch
    • advanced materials
    • energy and environment
    • production and innovation

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development


Project manager, Member of Board

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