Dubotechniek advises, realizes, maintains, controls and exploits conceptual sustainable energy systems.

One of our latest innovations is a prefab modular built sustainable plug & play energy system, called ONE (Own New Energy). This energy system exists of plug-and-play modules from 60 kW till 1550 kW. With this capacity we are able to supply buildings from up to 30.000 m2 with hot/ cold water.

Because of the standardization in the design, combined with the pre- fabrication, the chance of failure costs is almost nothing. After assembly in our own factory our own mechanics install the optimal isolated installation on site within a day. With superbly economical pumps and due to the fact that only parts of the highest possible quality are being used, the ONE is able to guarantee an unknown high profit.
Moreover this complete plug-and-play energy system also offers considerably lower engineering costs and up to 20% lower production costs. Once up and running it is possible to monitor and control the installation from a distance.

The ONE has been succesfully placed at multiple projects in The Netherlands and new projects are constantly being prepared.
Furthermore, the ONE is also highly usable for projects abroad. For this reason Dubotechniek has rendered alliances with a number of Swiss companies such as GeoHill Ag, PiD AG, ThermoLink AG en Heim AG.

Dubotechniek has received a Dutch patent and a European one is expected within due time.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for partners within Europe to expand the sale of the ONE.

We are looking for collaboration with companies which specialize in:
- Well drilling;
- Engineering;
- Installation;
- Energy;
- Contracting.


General Manager

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