Modular solutions for waste water treatment

BTN International develops, sells and builds complete modular solutions for waste water treatment plants with combined sludge processing.

Waste water streams are transformed into valuable products:

- clean water;
- renewable energy;
- compost and biofuels.

BTN its solutions and products fit into a circular economy.

We offer our customers an innovative sludge free system for low cost installation and operation. More than 20 years experience in water and sludge processing. BTN has its own products for waste water treatment, potable water production and digesting of biomass and sludge.

World wide we are looking for business partners to set up local sales networks and maintenance services.

Innovative and modular products for the treatment of waste water and sludge

What we offer

There is a large and rapidly growing global need for clean and safe water for humans, animals and food production.

Based on this need and its vision, BTN developed the modular TRXY® tank and processmodules, which can be easily put together to a complete water treatment system: plug & play.

The USP’s are:

- Circular solution for wastewater and sludge resulting in products with a positive value: clean water, biogas and biofuel;

- Low purchasing, transportation, construction and maintenance costs, ideal for emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Central America, Asia and Africa;

- Short delivery and construction time;

- Ability to self-build with local partners abroad;

- Flexible volume and modular capacity; From 5 up to 5000 m3 per hour, but still with robust and compact installations;

- Combined with dry digestion: production of green energy from biomass. Also the solution for manure processing;

The TRXY® tank and processmodules are protected by a worldwide patent.

What we are looking for

With its modular system and right partners BTN has access to many water market segments.

We are looking for customers / partners in e.g.:

- Industry

- Rental

- Installation companies

- Waterboards

- Real Estate Development

to set up business in the global water market. We are interested in partnerships, joint ventures, direct sales of waste water treatment plants, licences of our patented products.


  • Standards
    • Quality Standards
    • Technical Standards
  • Ideas, proposals, partnerships for projects within research and intelligent energy programmes
  • Industry 4.0
    • Factories of the Future

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Licence Agreement


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