Sub-Transformerstations, switchgears for low and medium voltage, electronic control systems, electronic design and development, charging stations

Heating systems, manufacturing facilities or just making coffee: Electrotechnology allows us, if in business or in private life, to plan and handle our daily operations economically and timesaving. A miracle of technology on the one hand, but at the same time so simple and self-evident.
This is, how it should be. We think, that the self-evident should stay self-evident for you. It is the reason, we exist, Vrielmann Elektrotechnik in Nordhorn. Since 1976 we are successfully working for manufacturing and industrial enterprises in Germany and beyond. We plan and build switchgear, sub-transformer stations, chargepoints for electric vehicles and electrical control systems - fitted to your wishes and requirements.

We are the specialists when it comes to electric power. What we offer are solutions for energy efficiency in your company - custom made.

What we offer

We can offer following products:
- metering and collect data for energy efficiency
- sub-transformerstations
- energy distributors
- engineering for energy efficiency
- customized electronics
- electronics for heating and ventilation systems
- chargepoints for electrical vehicles

What we are looking for

We're looking for new industry customers. Our customers you can find in all industry sectors like food processing, automotive, etc.



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