Optical measurement technology

We are a German company, specialised in the area of optical measurement systems. The company also offer test equipment for the tyre, rim and wheel industry.

The customer base for optical measurement systems can be found in all industries who need a 100% control in their production process. Optical measurement systems also help manufacturers to achieve a higher output, reduce waste and define quality. We offer individual one stop solutions. We are looking for partners in different regions who can cover one or various industries.

Advantages and innovations
One stop company; development, software programming, assembly, all done in house. Program management for bigger installations can be offered as well. Good expertise – company offers solutions to the final customer not just equipment

inmess - the solution finder in optical measurement technology

What we offer

We offer individually designed solutions in the field of optical measurement technology.

Using our systems as part of the running production line enables the customers to increase process stabilty and quality while reducing tact times, waste and overall costs.

Applications start with measurements in the range of few µ-meters to measurements of construction components of several meters. Due to the fact that most customers require a 100% control, tact times considerably below 10 seconds are common.

What we are looking for

We are looking for distribution partners or direct customers globally.

In case of distribution partners we are looking for companies who have a good technical knowledge, know their respective market and have the right approach. Our partners should find customers, start the first discussion and submit relevant information to us. We will then offer our expertise to find the right individual solution.

In case of customers we welcome all customers who want to improve their process stability while reducing overall costs.

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement


Key Account Manager

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