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Metirionic is a start-up company located in Dresden Germany with focus on the emerging market of the Internet of Thinks. We develop and commercialize software and offer engineering services allowing a new quality of distance measurement between autonomous radio modules, based on wireless technologies such as IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee or 6LoWPAN. Metirionic assists its customers from feasibility analysis through design & development of new applications, to the deployment of complete systems.

Wireless distance measurement and Real Time Locating Systems

What we offer

Wireless distance measurement is currently being engaged in a variety of applications covering from medical to military and from home to industry. Furthermore it is the base for Real Time Locating Systems and related services especially required in non GPS covered areas (indoor, mining, parking garages). Metirionic provides cost effective wireless distance measurement solutions based on low power transceivers for a huge range of applications including asset tracking, logistics, safety and security, home & building automation, collision avoidance, lifestock management, etc.
Metirionic offers services and products that are in close connection with the technology of wireless distance measurement and RTLS:

1. System development
• Requirement analysis
• Feasibility studies
• System specifications
• System design

2. Software Development
• Porting to dedicated microcontroller platforms
• Application support
• Integration support to customers‘ application

3. Hardware Development
• PCB and module design
• Design-in support for product development
• Hardware characterization and debugging

What we are looking for

Metirionic as technology provider is looking for:

• close cooperation with system development houses which are interested in extending their offerings by wireless distance measurements or Real Time Locating Services
• end customers looking for an innovative solution for wireless distance measurement in sensor networks or for any dedicated application


  • Electronic measurement systems

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Licence Agreement


Director Engineering

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