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PB International has grown to become a leader in developing and producing innovative solutions to prevent people being infected by the legionella bacterium and water filtration products in general, with sales and distribution throughout the world.
A result of this experience in solving Legionella problems, nowadays the company has become a specialist in developing innovative water treatment systems to produce clean and safe drinking water based on the principle of Ultra filtration.
Our goal is to control the whole process from the production of Ultrafiltration elements to the implementation of the developed filter systems to produce "Clean and Safe Water".

Legionella filter systems

What we offer

We are an international operating manufacturer of a wide range of standard and custom-made Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration elements and systems. We are offering our expertise in solving Legionella problems. For that purpose we deliver self cleaning Legionella filter systems and can assist in making Legionella risk assesments and Legionella prevention management.

Main advantages/benefits:
- Unique world wide patented product
- We offer ultrafiltration systems in the range of 1 to 70 m3/?
- We deliver this equipment out of stock

Technical specifications:
We have solutions for the sanitairy market like "Point of entry" and "Point of use" Legionella prevention systems.

What we are looking for

We are looking for agents and distributors world wide importing our products and working for their own account in their area.

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Licence Agreement


Managing Director

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